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Job Interview

Talent Acquisition

Employer Value Proposition

Partnering with StaffBuffalo, our HR experts will help you not only find the right candidates, but create a strategy to attract the best candidates and provide an analysis of how your company appears to an external candidate. From this analysis, we will work together to determine strategic interventions and recommendations to increase the visibility of your jobs in the market and ensure your Employer Value Proposition is aligned with your mission and core values.

Interviewing & Selection Training

You've narrowed down the talent pool and it's time for technical interviews. Our HR experts will help you identify the core competencies of the position and develop interview questions to accurately measure how well each candidate meets the competencies. We will then develop a matrix for your interviewers to use in assessing and comparing candidates. We will also provide interview training so your leadership team is up-to-date on best practices for in-person and virtual interview.

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